Here you can gain a little insight in my work.

At first the sketch is transferred on Clairefontaine's "Pastelmat", a special paper for pastels. It's a sanded paper with a rough surface that holds pigments very well and offers the possibility of drawing in multiple layers.

After that the basic layers are established with soft pastels, sometimes with slightly different colours than you see on the final painting, e.g. to give a warm underpainting or to keep shadow areas darker.

In the following steps the background is established and the main subject is built up in several layers. Fine details are drawn with pastel pencils.

Slightly varying colours on the step by step photos are the result of different lighting conditions. The final image is a scan, which comes close to the colours of the original painting. 

And these are my drawing materials:
I only use high quality pastels and pastel pencils of various brands.
I prefer Unison and Sennelier soft pastels as well as Stabilo and Caran d'Ache pastel pencils.