My name is Karin Kiessling, I was born in 1971 and still live in Landau/Palatinate, in the south-west of Germany.


With a degree in pharmacy and 12 years of work in laboratories I was dedicated to natural sciences, before I fell ill with ME/CFS in 2007.


During this illness I found time to live my passion, painting and drawing.
As a great animal and nature lover, animals became my favourite drawing subjects.

At first I tried watercolour, and in 2014 I started drawing with charcoal and pastels and found “my” media with those two.

Since then I love to draw portraits of animals and sometimes humans, to express the uniqueness and soul of every creature. 

09/2016 - 12/2017 member of the Pastel Guild of Europe (PGE).



1. Winner of the "Get Dusty" competition
2016/10 of the Pastel Guild of Europe with "Amur Tiger" and honourable mention of "Grey Seal"

2. Honourable mention of "Ducklings" at the "Get Dusty" competition 04/2017 of the Pastel Guild of Europe