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Probably March 2019

Prices listed below refer to portraits with a simple background, including a mount.
My paintings need framing, but a frame is NOT included in this offer.


Other formats than the listed ones are possible, of course.

pastel (coloured)  1 portrait (€)  2 portraits (€)
20 x 30 cm (8" x 12") 180 (230)
30 x 40 cm (12" x 16") 280 360
40 x 60 cm (16" x 24") 380 560
charcoal (black + white)  1 portrait (€)  2 portraits (€)
20 x 30 cm (8" x 12") 130 (180)
30 x 40 cm (12" x 16") 200 260
40 x 60 cm (16" x 24") 300 400


These prices refer to portraits (head + chest).

For paintings of the hole body, there is an extra charge of 20 % of the basic price.
Complex backgrounds like, for example, landscapes, are charged with 50 % of the basic price.


20 x 30 cm (8" x 12") is suitable for only one portrait, on 30 x 40 cm (12" x 16") a maximum of two portraits is possibel,  exceptions are cats and small animals.

If I should paint more than 2 portraits on one sheet, I will make an individual offer.

Please contact me, I'd love to provide advice!


Before I start drawing, I'll ask you for a first instalment of 50 % of the price.
The rest has to be payed after I've finnished the painting, before shipment.

If you don't like your painting (that has never happened so far!), you don't have to pay the second instalment, but I will keep the first and will use the painting otherwise.



After having received the fees, I will post the painting safely packed.
I'll post worldwide, shipping costs vary depending on the size of the painting and the country.
Please note: For shipping out of the EU and worldwide, customs charges are possible, depending on the country!!


Country max. shipping costs (€)
EU 18
Europe without EU (e.g. Channel Islands, Switzerland, etc.) 29
World (e.g. USA, Canada, etc.) 39